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7 Strategies to Increase Self-Esteem in Children

One area of social and emotional development which can massively impact a child’s learning and development in either a negative or positive way is that of self-esteem. That being said, the question which then arises is how do we as educators and parents help to boost a child’s self-esteem? I have outlined below 7 solid methods to increase the self-esteem of our students every single day.

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6 Great Board Games Which Help Children Learn

In this age of technology, we may sometimes forget about some traditional and very effective and engaging tools for learning. One such tool is board games. They are not only engaging, but also promote the development of thinking, social, math, language, memory and communication skills in children. With that in mind, I have comprised a list of 6 best board games for children. In order to make the list user friendly I have included age range, the simple premise of the game and the educational value it presents.

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Qualities of a Good Principal

In order to once again attempt to further refine my own practice, I have decided to post what I consider to be the most important qualities of a good school principal. This is essentially my own list and are rules I live by every single day on the job. I would love to get some feedback at the end of this article in the comment section in regards to your thoughts or insight into areas I may be missing or neglected to mention.

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