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What Will Our Students Really Remember?

As teachers, the greatest reward we can receive is to see our students succeed and know that we truly made a difference in their lives. However, one question which many of us ponder is… “What will our students really remember?”

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Building a School Vision

I consider building a school vision to be critical to the improvement goals and culture of any school. By establishing a vision, and including all stakeholders in the development of this vision, a school can harness the great efforts of everyone and align them into one powerful direction. I have included a short 4 step process which I use when vision building. It includes a pre-assessment, building the vision, sharing the vision and then ultimately implementing it.

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Should Students be Allowed to use iPads at School?

There can really be no doubt about the fact that the face of education is rapidly changing. These changes are occurring at a fast and furious rate and in no area is there a greater transformation than in that of technology. One area of technology in particular which is growing rapidly in education is the use of iPads. That being said, I have comprised an article which examines the positives and negatives of students using iPads at school.

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Weekend Message

I thought it would be nice to start off the weekend with an inspirational and motivational quote about education and how it can impact one’s life. This quotation comes from Helen Keller and truly shows how education can be an uplifting and illuminating force which not only imparts knowledge…but also gives inspiration, purpose and direction!

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Why Should You Become a Teacher?

If our young people decide not to consider teaching as a viable profession and go elsewhere due to the lack of opportunity or the prevailing negative perceptions…then we will have a crisis hit education which could have a crippling effect. That being said, I continue to believe the best way to support education and new teachers is to espouse the many great benefits there are to enter the field and become a teacher.

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7 Top Reasons Why Educators Need To Use Social Media

As educators, it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to help our students learn. As such, we need to utilize every tool which is provided for usI would contend that when used properly, social media is an extremely engaging and powerful educational tool for school districts, schools, teachers, parents and students. To back up this claim, I have listed 7 top reasons to use social media in education

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Parental Involvement at School: Removing the Barriers

Parents are the key ingredient to building effective and dynamic schools which experience continual growth in student achievement and development. Obviously parents have a vested interest in helping the school, however, there are often many obstacles or barriers to parent involvement that exist which make this very difficult to accomplish. If we can overcome these barriers our schools, children and communities will all benefit. That being said, I have listed below some common barriers to parental involvement at school and how to overcome these impediments.

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What Makes a Teacher Great?

It will come as no great surprise to my blog followers that I happen to be a huge supporter of teachers. I believe it is the many acts that teachers perform which “fly under the radar” which truly reveal their character. It is the various things which happen behind the scenes which very few people actually know about which I respect most of all. To illustrate how strongly I feel about this point I will go back 35 years in time and give a brief account of a teacher who essentially changed my life.

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Edubabbling’s Jargon Buster Glossary

One of my reasons for creating this blog was to help bring clarity to the often confusing realm of education for parents, students and other educators. In fact, one of the most common complaints I hear from individuals trying to make sense of the education system is the overuse of acronyms, educational jargon and…yes… edubabble! In response to this I have decided to create Edubabbling’s Jargon Buster Glossary. Each week I will add ten terms to a virtual jargon busting glossary of sorts.

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