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9 Tips To Help Your Child Kick Their Computer and Television Habits

Our society is undoubtedly in the middle of an information age. The allure of technology and the entertainment it provides can be quite difficult to overcome. This can be particularly true for children who are drawn to television and computers like insects to the porch light! One of the more common questions I am typically asked by parents is what are some strategies I can use to help my child break their excessive computer and television watching habits? In response I have made a list of nine tips to help your child kick their computer and television watching habits.

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Are Bullying Prevention Programs Really Failing Our Kids?

It is with great consternation for me to read the latest news and studies which claim that anti-bullying programs simply do not work! I believe it is far too simplistic to say that anti-bullying programs do not work. It is quite likely that components of certain programs do not work, but overall anti-bullying should be a priority for all stakeholders. The key to having a productive and successful anti-bullying program in my opinion lies in two priorities, namely, clearly defining what bullying is, and the creation of a positive and empathetic school culture.

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How to Help your Child Succeed in School

It can be very distressing for families when children do not perform as well as expected in school. There can be a variety of reasons for this, but there are also a number of strategies parents and teachers can use to help their children and students.

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10 tips to Prepare for Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher interview time can bring with it a fair amount of stress and anxiety for teachers, students and parents alike. It does not have to be this way however. There are many things a teacher can do to make the Parent-Teacher interview a very positive and effective exercise. The following are some tips which will help teachers have the best possible Parent-Teacher interviews. R8BCVXBRBEGE

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5 top strategies to help get children to do their homework

Homework can often create unpleasant battles and interactions at home between children and their parents. It can actually get to the point where the very little time parents get to be with their children is spent arguing with them to do their homework. So how does one go about avoiding these nightly conflicts and turn homework into a more pleasant and positive experience for parents and kids alike? The following are 5 top strategies which I have found to be quite successful in helping to get children to do their homework.

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There are a number of common factors which lead kids to bully. Likewise, there are a number of ways that this negative behavior can be stopped dead in its tracks with the help of caring parents and educators. One of the keys to stopping the bullying is to ensure children do not become bullies in the first place, and if they do, we need to aggressively stop this behavior cold!

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The Great School Uniform Debate!

The question as to whether students should have to wear school uniforms or not tends to be a very divisive issue which can lead to opposing sides becoming very entrenched in their position. This is an issue which has the potential to tear a school apart. An inclusive. fair, equitable approach to this issue can prevent this from ever happening and will make your school stronger than ever before!

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California Law Allows Teens to Erase Embarrassing Posts

A law was signed on Monday which makes California the first state to require websites to allow people younger than 18 to remove their own postings on that website and inform them of how to do so. Once again the State of California is showing leadership by helping our young people. They are actually doing something and not just talking about it.

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Strategies to fight cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can have a devastating effect upon children. Schools, parents and students need to work together and have strategies to fight cyberbullying. Only when we work together as a team and promote solid strategies can we hope to help our children.

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Top ten fundraising ideas for Parent Teacher Associations

A review of the most successful parent fundraising ideas which I have personal expereince with. I provide a rundown on approximate funds raised, level of parent and community engagement and the degree of labor which is required. So without further ado…the top ten fundraising ideas for parent councils:

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