Positive Classroom Management

Positive Classroom Management

The Hidden Beauty!

Since I started writing this blog, my interaction through comments, forums and emails has grown daily.  Indeed, this is the part I truly enjoy and it is why I have decided to keep the blog format as opposed to just turning www.edubabbling.com into a static website.  While the comments at first were few and far between, I now get multiple queries daily and also a fair number of article requests.  Without a doubt, the most popular question and article request that I receive has to do with classroom management.  In truth, it is such a vital and complex topic I have deliberately not rushed to do an article covering it.  Instead, I have been working on a comprehensive series in regards to management which I hope will do the topic justice.  I do feel that how we approach classroom management and discipline has the potential to truly change children’s lives…either in a positive or negative manner.  That is a huge responsibility and it is thus the reason I have chosen to tread so carefully composing a response to the topic.

Nevertheless, as a “tidbit” of things to come I have posted below a sample contract template which can be used when working with children.  For classroom management to truly work it has to be positive, proactive and involve all stakeholders.  Student participation has to be a key part of the planning and process.  This particular template allows the student to focus on a weekly goal (s) which is agreed upon by themselves, the teacher and parents.  The progress towards achieving the goal is charted daily and all 3 stakeholders are able to assess the progress towards achieving the goal.  For added effect, the principal of the school can also sign with the teacher, although this should only occur in more challenging instances for it to have the true desired effect.  Achievements can be met with positive reinforcements of an extrinsic or intrinsic nature.  While intrinsic is more powerful, extrinsic rewards can have their own use and place as well.  This is really just a small  and simple sample of a plethora of strategies to come, but I have seen it used with incredible success in many instances.







Day of the WeekDid I meet my goal?Teacher Signature or InitialsParent Signature or Initials












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