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What Will Our Students Really Remember?

As teachers, the greatest reward we can receive is to see our students succeed and know that we truly made a difference in their lives. However, one question which many of us ponder is… “What will our students really remember?”

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Why Should You Become a Teacher?

If our young people decide not to consider teaching as a viable profession and go elsewhere due to the lack of opportunity or the prevailing negative perceptions…then we will have a crisis hit education which could have a crippling effect. That being said, I continue to believe the best way to support education and new teachers is to espouse the many great benefits there are to enter the field and become a teacher.

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What Makes a Teacher Great?

It will come as no great surprise to my blog followers that I happen to be a huge supporter of teachers. I believe it is the many acts that teachers perform which “fly under the radar” which truly reveal their character. It is the various things which happen behind the scenes which very few people actually know about which I respect most of all. To illustrate how strongly I feel about this point I will go back 35 years in time and give a brief account of a teacher who essentially changed my life.

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19 Tasks Great Teachers Do

At this time of the year the media inevitably reports about how great teachers have it with their “excessive” holiday time and “generous” working hours. Every year around Christmas time, spring break and the summer holidays the media begin their traditional teacher bashing. So…to get away from the negative and get back onto the positive track…I have created a post which accurately specifies the multitude of tasks teachers perform each day.

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