Top 10 Motivational and Inspirational Teacher Films

Top 10 Motivational and Inspirational Teacher Films

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Since it is early on in the week, I thought I would start things off in my blog world on a “light note.”  Things are extremely busy at school and we so often become caught up in the hustle and bustle.  Due to this, we do not always get the time to properly reflect upon why we are here in the first place…the kids!  This is the rewarding part of the job and it is what drove us all to take up this very challenging calling to be a teacher in the first place.  I find working with students to be the key part of the profession which makes me love coming to school each and every day.  It is my motivation.  I do realize I am by no means alone with this feeling however as this is what drives us teachers everywhere!  All that being said, this has inspired me to create a Top Ten list of the most motivational and inspirational teacher movies.  For fun, I have started at number 10 and work my way to the number one teacher film of all time!  (in my humble opinion of course)Educating RitaThis film reveals the intense power education has on both the teacher and the student.  It is basically about a young married lady who wants to better herself by obtaining a quality education.  She encounters a professor who has grown apathetic and jaded.  The movie does an excellent job at truly showing the influence and power education can have to truly change lives.

9.  Blackboard Jungle:   This film reveals how difficult teaching can actually be at times.  It is set in an urban area and the lead teacher has the odds stacked up against him by both the students and the faculty.  He manages to overcome however.  Of course it is pure Hollywood, but it does illustrate challenges that do occur quite well and how a powerful and dedicated teacher can overcome them.

8Goodbye Mr. Chips:  This story actually first appeared in 1934 in the form of a novel.  Since then it has been made into a film and remade a number of times.  It is a wonderful story which shows how a teacher overcomes his problems in connecting with his students.  Once this occurs amazing things happen and true learning for all takes place.  A great film!

7.  Stand and Deliver:  Not everyone would agree with me placing this film in the top ten…but I think it is just awesome!  It not only explores the immense power and influence a teacher has in turning around educational programs, but ultimately it reveals how educators change lives for the better.  A must watch!

6The Miracle Worker:   This is a simply wonderful film based upon the true story of Helen Keller and her teacher Ann Sullivan.  It is quite inspirational and truly reveals how rewarding it can be working with children who have learning exceptionalities.

5.  Precious:  This film is riveting and extremely disturbing at the same time!  Before you watch it you must be forewarned that the storyline is brutal and involves abuse and sexual assault.  However, something else it contains is the realization that an amazing and empathetic teacher can make all the difference in a child’s life.  Something we tend to forget.  As educators we often say you just never know what is going on in the personal lives of people and we must therefore be very patient and understanding.  This movie illustrates this point in spades!

4.  Mr. Holland’s Opus:  I have seen and heard mixed reviews for this movie.  I quite love it however.  It does have many storylines within which are very relevant to teachers.  Becoming obsessed with work, at the expense of one’s own family, is one theme.  Also, another prevalent and inspiring theme of the movie is just how much influence teachers have upon their students for generations to come…often unbeknownst to themselves.  A very inspirational movie in my opinion.

3.  To Sir with Love:    Wow!  Sidney Poitier is amazing in this movie which is set in the 1960′s.  Essentially it shows how important an amazing teacher is in acting as a model for his students.  Many topics are covered in this movie, including discrimination in terms of socioeconomic status as well as race.  A solid pick!

2.  Coach Carter:   make no mistake, this film is not simply about coaching and school athletics…far from it.  This movie is all about the importance of education and how that fact can be lost on people who should know better.  Samuel L. Jackson (who is my all-time favorite actor), does an amazing job of portraying Coach Carter who demonstrates the need for his players to obtain a good education and learn proper respect and dedication which will be lifelong skills.  He does this against all odds which are stacked up against him I may add!  Awesome movie which I have watched at least 20 times!

1.  Dead Poets Society:   The number one motivational and inspirational teacher film of all time has to be Dead Poets Society.  This is an absolutely inspiring movie which shows the true power of a positive, caring and engaging teacher who encourages students to think for themselves.  A word of warning, it is not for the faint of heart as there are some very serious issues contained within, such as suicide.  The film is intensely powerful however and is my all time favorite.

There you have it…the top 10 motivational and inspirational teacher films of all time according to edubabbling.  I would love to hear your thoughts and your own picks!





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